Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whose voice is it?

Recently, while shopping with my daughter, I had to take a potty break. The restroom was a little crowded, but fortunately it was one of those that had a lot of stalls. I had not been in there long when I heard someone softly calling, “mom?” I immediately knew it was my daughter.

It was that moment, in the bathroom, that I realized that even when I no longer recognize HIS voice, my Heavenly Father knows mine.

I have had a battle raging in my mind, one that I truly felt I had no strength to fight, much less win. Life sometimes brings us unexpected heartache and that ache can spread to our spirit and to our mind. Our unanswered prayers and questions can give us cause to dwell in places where we do not belong.

I have been so preoccupied with the voice of the one who reminds us of all our hurt and pain, the one who tells us daily of our failures and our faults, that I was unable to hear the voice of my Heavenly Father.

I could not hear HIM saying, “I have a plan for you; I want to give you HOPE and a future."

I missed the part where HE said, “I love you, and I am preparing a place for you; but until then, LIVE this beautiful life I desire for you…and live it to the FULLEST until I return for you.” I was too busy listening to the enemy, drowning in a sea of lies he besieged my mind with.

I had become so weary and tired from dwelling on the past, that I could no longer see the future. Daily I would search for anything to confirm what the enemy would whisper, giving me permission to isolate myself from people, to gain weight, to excuse my bad or sad mood, and to pretend… when necessary.

Did I do this intentionally? No; but gradually I did it.

It’s easy to find confirmation and excuses for the negative in our lives when negativity is our focus. And sometimes it’s easier to sit and listen to the enemy than it is to STAND and to fight for the life God gave His Son for us to have.

Each time we hear or think, we must ask ourselves whose voice is speaking. You see, the enemy speaks to our flesh, our carnal mind, and God speaks to our spirit.

Satan speaks fear while God speaks faith. Satan speaks past; God speaks future. Satan reminds us of our hurt, and God reminds us of our healing. Satan says it’s impossible; God says ALL things are possible.

I am learning that sometimes we cannot stop harmful thoughts from crossing our mind; however we CAN stop them from dwelling there. It takes dealing with one thought at a time. When the enemy comes to you and tries to steal your faith or your hope…just remember he cannot take that which he has not been given.

Maybe you’re like me. You’re in a place where you no longer hear or know the voice of our Heavenly Father. Maybe you’re weary or you’re tired, and this battle seems to be lost. You are calling out but no one seems to hear. Please know that when we have lost the ability to hear HIM, HE still hears us; HE knows our voice.

My prayer is that it is HIS voice you hear today...


  1. Love this and love you so much!

  2. Thank you for your real and tangible words. Thank you for speaking the Truth and praising God that yes, His voice is always there, we just have to have the ears to hear. May you take each thought captive as unto the Lord, as Satan wants to take and destroy. But remember, God has already won the battle, all you have to do is stand strong in Him.

    Praying for you now that God would put a hedge of protection around you.

  3. I've been having this EXACT same discussion with a dear friend recently. It's these things that I continually need to be reminded of...and that verse in Jeremiah...we should read that every day so we don't doubt and worry, should we?!

  4. So very beautiful, and touching. Just what I needed to read today.

    Happy ICLW!