Monday, June 28, 2010

Popcorn Covered with Love

My dearest friend in the world is here for a few weeks with her son AJ who is 3 years old. Life is full of drama, love, and laughter when we are all together! She can make me laugh until all the muscles in my face relax to a state of pure embarrassment, as well as some other muscles that I would really rather NOT blog about…lol! BTW, If you have never laughed this hard, it might be time to find some new friends. ;) Soooo anyway, today I want to tell you about the “love“ part.

Last night, we all gathered in the family room to watch the 80’s version of The Karate Kid. Our plan is to see the new one sometime this week; so we thought we would introduce my older kids to the original. At some point during the movie someone mentioned popcorn, and for a moment the entire world and T.V. are put on pause until a decision can be made as to who will be the one to go and prepare the popcorn. Josh, my oldest, volunteered, and I enlisted my youngest to help him as well.

Soon the house was filled with the aroma of hot buttered popcorn. All those upstairs began yelling out toppings they wanted on their bowl of corn. Before long, Josh and Tiph made their way back up and began handing out bowls with all the fixins’. Little AJ must have smelled it too because he soon found his way into the family room. He was playing in the study with his best friends, Monkey and Rocket, you know, the furry kind of friends ;). Everyone was busy talking and laughing, and not paying much attention to anything other than their bowl of popcorn.

I was sitting in my chair, and I watched as AJ walked over to his mom’s bowl. He looked around, then looked into the bowl, and then reached with great care to pick the very best piece of popcorn. Just as he was about to put it into his mouth he stopped and looked at my Jacob. AJ then walked over to Jacob and asked, “Jake, you want some popcorn?” and he gently put that piece, his piece, into Jacobs’s mouth!

Jacob didn’t ask for popcorn, not because he didn’t want any but because he is unable to. His words are there; they are just locked inside his little mind, and God hasn’t given us the key...yet!

In all the excitement of the night everyone forgot that Jacob might want some popcorn too, everyone except my 3 year old godson, AJ! I watched, in awe, as AJ continued to go back and forth to his mother’s bowl feeding Jacob.

This small act of love made me think…how many times have I been without words, too hurt to speak or even pray? How many times have I felt ignored or overlooked in a room full of people, unable to reach out for help? How many times has my Heavenly Father found a way to reach down and choose just the right “peace” to extend to me?

While others may want their popcorn plain or with butter, covered in ranch powder and salt, or even with a side of pickles...I just want mine covered with love!


  1. A precious reminder of our attentive, loving Father. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This has been my most favorite moment here so far. The genuine love that our two babies have for each other is "Christ_like" and teaches more lessons than I have learned in my whole 38 years of life!

  3. This is just about the most precious thing I've ever read. It hits home as well. I'm so glad that God chose to use my grandson ,AJ, to be a vessel to show this "LOVE" in such a unique fashion.It's this kind of love that we all should be able to express.It's this love that I pray will enter in all our Hearts.And of course I cried.....sending all my love ,Sheila AKA Nanny

  4. I am so proud of my baby boy. He has shown so much emotional intuitiveness and maturity for a three year old. John

  5. What a sweet post. I just stumbled across your blog as a part of ICLW (I know, I'm cheating and reading early.) I have a 5 year old daughter with Rett Syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. This post touched me and reminded me about how hard it is for our kids that don't have a voice. It's more than just about big things, it's also about being included in the little things (like sharing popcorn!).

  6. beautiful, beautiful blog.
    you are quite the writer!
    thanks for posting.

  7. Oh how sweet!! What a beautiful moment. These "little" moments are truly why we are here on this earth.

    Visiting from ICLW #180

  8. What a beautiful moment.

    An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)
    liddy @ the unfair struggle

  9. I'm glad you found me, and I'm glad I found you!
    I don't remember what ICLW # I am...but thank you for stopping by friend!

    HUGS.. extra butter for me!